From the field of food to the industrial field, we contribute quality improvement in the high techniques
such as the continuous circulating filter device and the vacuum fryer.

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Filtering equipment for food industry
Filtering equipment for other industries
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Filtering equipment for other industries

For industrial Use, Appeal both of originality
Realize automatic minute filtrate of coolant
The coolant which is use for various machine industry. It's necessery to clean for remove the sludge it prevent to process. Our filter for industry can filtrate the coolant mass and minutely. Most typical chalacteristic is the filter directly set upon the punching plate (Net screen)so they fit closely by Vacuum pressur e happend with filtration. According to this fact filter sealed perfectly, and easy to filtlate 0.5 micron its considered difficult to filter up to this time.
Ideal concentrate coolant control system
A factory have many of working machine, They take concentrate coolant control system to same coolant Our filter is able to filtlate several thousand litter per minutes change to hitherto Dirty tank and can ideal concentrate coolant control system.
Correspond to various use filteling of coolant
Squeezer oil, honing machine, grinding machine, dressing machine, wire discharge machine and others coolant hitherto considered to remove particle is impossible but it is able to remove.
Still more high level minute and function “Industrial coolant filter” for application requiring further stringent 
functions and performance
Fully automatic minute filtering PMT type
Compact 「Fully automatic」「Coutinuous」「minute」and 「Mass」

1. 「fully automatic」「continuous」filtration become coolant cortrol simplify

It's no need to have dirty or clean tank and combinate of several method of filter when requird to minute process or not to work maintenance or change of filter.

2.Accuracy and efficiency are improvement by
「minute」 filtering

Cutlery(end mill) life to longer manufactured accuracy increase by process efficiency bocome up.

3. Coolant can be recycled by minute filtering

Since fine particles like 0.5 micron is filtered, coolant for machining can be fully recycled for long time without wasting.

4.Microbe is removed by "minute" filtering

Stink generated by microbe in water-soluble coolant can be prevented by "minute" filtering as microbe is removed by "minute" filtering.

5.Possible to use of filter by lease

In case of necessary to correspond ISO or disposition of after use filter solve to lease.

・coolant cutting oil process oil machining center or syringer
・From minute filtration to get rid off 95% of 0.5 micron to several thousand little mass filtration
Installation example

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